Speakon nl8mpr connector NTR-NL8MPR



12,66EUR incl. BTW
10,46EUR excl BTW

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Neutrik 8p Speakon chassis deel
8 pole chassis connector, nickel metal square G-size flange, countersunk thru holes, 3/16" flat tabs
The state-of-the-art chassis connector for loudspeaker / amplifier applications. They feature a unique locking system, robust plastic housing and high current silver plated contacts.
Features & Benefits
-Standard current rating 30 Amp
-High current version up to 40 Amp audio current
-Glass reinforced materials make it extremely robust and dependable
-Precise keyway for secure mating
-Accurate twist lock latching system
-Metal flange
-Airtight design - optimized for speaker applications

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