Digitale multimeter fluke 28-ii/eur trms ac 19999 cijfers 1000 vac 1000 vdc 10 adc 28-II/EUR



668,17EUR incl. BTW
552,21EUR excl BTW

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Fluke 28-II Digital Multimeter
Rugged IP67 Industrial Multimeters
The Fluke 27 II and 28 II digital multimeters define a new standard for operating in harsh conditions with the features and accuracy to troubleshoot most electrical problems. Both meters have IP 67 (waterproof and dustproof) rating, MSHA approvals, extended operating temperature range of -15° C to
+ 55°C and 95% humidity, and a 3 meter drop. They withstand hazardous 8000 volt spikes caused by load switching and faults on industrial circuits and complies
with second edition IEC and ANSI electrical safety standards. Furthermore, the 28 II has a unique
function for accurate voltage and frequency measurements on adjustable speed motor drives and other electrically noisy equipment.
The new Fluke 20 series multimeters are built to work in the toughest environments.

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